Converting Measures: Length

I used this with a mixed year 5 and 6 class. It's just a simple worksheet that gives pupils practice on converting between units of length. I explain the rule to them and then they got on with the worksheet for practice.


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    AdSteele2 days agoReport

    Great, thanks. I enjoyed working out the answers too!

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    acarby5 months agoReport

    Thank you for sharing your resources, I can adapt them for my class.

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    ErinKenny6 months agoReport

    Great, saved me lots of time! An answer sheet would be useful though, don't always have time to work them out!

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    Mia2137 months agoReport

    Why aren't there any answer sheets!!!!!

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    pin20237 months agoReport

    do you have an answer sheet? I really need it pleaseeeeee