This stuff went down really well with my Y9s (middle ability). They'd learnt how to do regular avoir verbs in the perfect tense and I wanted to move them on to use some irregular verbs. The starter is matching the infinitives, past participles & English meaning of some irregular verbs, then I worked through the activities on the Dejeuner du Matin powerpoint. I'd say it would take 2-3 lessons to get everything done, depending how much time you spend on discussion and pronunciation practice.


  • irreg past participles.ppt
  • Dejeuner du matin.ppt
  • Déjeuner du matin gapfill.doc
  • Déjeuner du Matin crossword.doc

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    user avatarmb6373 days agoreport

    Great resource for a simple but wonderful poem

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    Utterly wonderful - have been seeking inspiration for poetry week next week. THANK YOU!

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    user avatarSylvie2028 months agoreport

    Brilliant! A great exploitation of the poem! THANK YOU!!

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    user avataremercullen9 months agoreport

    Very good resource which incorporates the 4 skills.

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    user avatarch6677110 months agoreport

    Many thanks.