I used this display in the clasroom and found a great succes with the pupils. When I presented it to them, they enjoyed saying which of them were born in each months, that kept them involved. If you like you can change the title in the train (locomotive) so you make two small trains if you don't like the idea of a train cut in half. Otherway you can put it along a long wall like in the coridor.


  • IMG_7820.JPG
  • locomotive.png
  • Janvier.png
  • Février.png
  • Mars.png
  • Avril.png
  • mai.png
  • Juin.png
  • Juillet.png
  • Août.png
  • Septembre.png
  • Octobre.png
  • novembre.png
  • Décembre.png

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2 Reviews

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    user avatar6419nicola7 years agoreport

    lovely but . . . . all months have initial capital letter in this display. This is a real shame. For that reason, I don't think I could use it.

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    user avatarsidgey7 years agoreport

    Great train of thought. Thanks so much for a ready made display, it'll be very useful as we are always being chased to put up new wall displays and is good for all periods of the year.