A partial script for a Doctor Who based assembly for Year 6 leavers. Apologies to fans - I am not one and trawled the internet ruthlessly to find jargon. If it’s wrong, feel free to correct it! The idea is that the children will learn through their time travelling experience, that the past is not really the place they want to go back to, although it was good at the time. The Doctor will teach them that life involves moving on and they will realise they are ready to do so. I plan to continue the script further with the usual ‘happiest memories’, ‘thank you staff’ and ‘things I’m most looking forward to’ along with the usual medley of songs e.g. ‘One More Step Along the World I Go’ and ‘Reach’ Topcis also included: fun/ general knowledge.


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Created: Jul 7, 2008

Updated: Jul 7, 2013

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    love it.. thanks

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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended for teachers by the TES Resource Team.

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    user avatarjurichards4 years agoreport

    Great, I'm using it!

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    user avatarCrammy5 years agoreport

    Wonderful - I note this was written in 2008, but in my head I could hear Matt Smith performing as the Doctor (sorry, this just turned into a Doctor Who review rather than a resource review!). Our students love drama, and would lap this up :)