Dog Days of Summer Puzzle Set

Keep kids occupied during the hottest days of the year, the “dog days of summer,” with this puzzle set! Includes the following:

  • <strong>Dog Days of Summer Two-Page Activity Set</strong>: About the hottest time of the year; with tips for keeping cool and safe. Also teaches about the dog star, Sirius, and is packed with summer-related vocabulary, including synonyms and phrases that communicate that temperature is rising. Also covers how red, yellow, and orange are colors used to indicate danger or warning.

  • <strong>Hottest Time of the Summer Word Search Puzzle</strong>: Features vocabulary and phrases from the Two-Page Activity Set about summer heat and keeping cool.

  • <strong>Mapping the Stars in the Sky Challenge Puzzle</strong>: Have kids map the Canis Major constellation and draw their own dogs based on the outline.

  • <strong>BONUS 1 - Mini Poster</strong>: Free, color mini-poster that shows our rendition of Canis Major constellation and teaches about the dog star, Sirius.

  • <strong>BONUS 2 - Dot-to-dot</strong>: Pests at Dusk Dot-to-Dot Puzzle: Connect the dots to reveal our biggest summer pest, the mosquito.

Keywords: heat | heatstroke | safety | vocabulary | colors | crossword | word search | Sirius | Canis Major | astronomy | constellation | science | dog star | staying cool | synonyms | UV ultraviolet rays | navigation | mosquito

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