Doing Stuff with Python - a guide for beginners

Delivering subjects like programming to mixed ability groups can be challenging, where ‘fire-fighting’ simple script issues for less able students, eats into the time you have to work with your more able students. This guide is intended to help to address these issues:

A ‘self-help’ file for your students, in the form of a standalone web page (no Internet required). Issue to your students, or place it on your VLE. Make it easier for less able students to find the help they need.
Example scripts are extensively commented. Examples can be copied and pasted direct from the web page into student’s IDE.

Topics covered include:

  • Variables.
  • Data types.
  • Numbers.
  • Booleans.
  • Assignment and Equivalence Operators.
  • Comparison Operators.
  • Strings - using tabs; indexing; slicing; converting, concatenation.
  • Using Modules.
  • Working with dates.
  • Lists - indexing; slicing; change/add/remove items; remove duplicates; count
    occurrences; extending; clearing; sorting; searching; nested lists; list
  • Sets - creating; check items; add items; remove items.
  • Dictionaries - creating; looping through; searching.
  • Tuples - creating; packing; unpacking; searching.
  • Getting / Validating User Input.
  • Controlling program flow - If statements; for loops; while loops; using range;
    using continue, augmented assignment.
  • Functions - creating; scope of variables; avoiding duplication of variables.
  • File Input and Output - modes; opening; reading; writing; using the with
  • Using SQLite and CSV Databases.
  • Troubleshooting - Self Help; Indentation; Tab Stops in output; Indexing and
    Slicing; Comparing Dates; Operator Precedence; Errors and Exceptions.
  • Miscellaneous Items - validate an email address; checking user-supplied data;
    working with ini files; specifying Octal / Hexadecimal / Binary digits; converting
    numbers to Binary; generating random strings and numbers; simple Noughts
    and Crosses game.


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