Don't Fear the Paragraph: Paragraph Writing Practice
I've worked very hard with my students in improving their topic and closing sentences. I've had great success with the following in my classroom:

How to Write an Awesome Topic Sentence!

How to Write a Closing Sentence

Writing Awesome Opening and Closing Sentences Bundle Pack

Don't Fear the Paragraph is a simple extension to my topic and closing sentence guides. In essence, the topic and closing sentence strategies are reviewed. Then, the students are encouraged to use these strategies, while taking part in a free-write of sorts flesh out the ideas of the paragraph. The main goal is to simply get students to put a pen to paper and continue to hone their craft.

A cool aspect I've added to each paragraph activity is the peer interaction at the culmination of each. After each writing, each student is encouraged to have a peer conference, where their partner assesses their writing and then finishes with a simple formative assessment.

Note: Prior to using this guide in my classroom, it’s important to note the following:
My students have a good understanding of how to write sentences.
My students have already completed my topic sentences guide.
My students have already completed my closing sentences guide.

→ My suggestions for this guide is to break it down as shown.
1. Review the concept of a paragraph.
2. Review what they’re striving for in a well-written paragraph.
3. Make sure the students understand the difference between a support and a detail.
4. Print off the different forms of sentences for each student so they can use these notes throughout their paragraph writing.
5. Have the students take notes on transitions, making lists of the transitional words to have as a model (pp. 84 - 91).
6. Review the “Leap of Faith” example. This takes them through the process they will be taking part in throughout the rest of the guide (pp. 12 - 20).
7. Print off the “Steps” page for students to have a clear understanding of the process.
8. Begin with one paragraph routine per day, starting with “Sailing”.

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