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CreatedDec 27, 2009
UpdatedApr 15, 2016

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    user avatarmrandywale2 years agoReport

    Low level. Good for 7year olds. But far to unchallenging for 15+ students

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    If this set of worksheets is any indication of how people are teaching literature these days, then we really are in bad shape. These are the kind of dumbed-down, simplistic and frustratingly literal activities that are bane the of anyone who wants to get into the depths of a great book. The fact that so many fellow teachers rate these docs so highly is a sad indicator of the current level of our profession. All around this set of worksheets represents a really sorry state of affairs.

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    user avatarnikkifitz3 years agoReport

    Great for use in a homework book, many thanks.

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    user avatarsm.bennett3 years agoReport