Drugs & Alcohol Law ~ Criminal Law ~ Federal & State Law + Quiz + Flashcards ~ 70 Slides
This is a complete presentation on the laws of drugs and alcohol. The presentation is replete with imagery throughout to facilitate learning.

There is also a 20 point multiple choice Quiz with answer key plus a complete set of Flashcards for reviewing the presentation. The Flashcards could also be used for testing purposes.

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook writer.

Alcohol legality, minority
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Punishment for DUI (actual jail time, 1st offense)
Diversionary Programs
Dram Shops & Open Containers
Defenses to Intoxication
Precipitating Factor
Schedules of Drugs
DEA Schedule I-V
Usable Quantity
Fourth Amendment ~ search and seizure defense
United States v. Jones 2012, SCOTUS, Fourth Amendment
Federal v. State Drug Laws & Enforcement
Experimental & Compassionate Use of Schedule 1 Drugs
Young People & Popular Drugs
Schoolhouse and Schoolyard Laws
Drug Paraphernalia Law
Doctor Shopping for Prescription Drugs
Involuntary Manslaughter with Anesthesia Outside Hospital
Cell Phone, Text Messaging abuse v. drug alcohol abuse (highway fatalities)
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