Written by Dr. Erica Warren, an expert in multisensory learning, this 59 page workbook is great for struggling readers. Difficulties in discriminating letters and numbers, and even reversals of an image are common when children are faced with written language. Some also struggle with directionality - left from right and east from west. Although most children encounter this difficulty to some degree, some find this to be a pervasive problem. This download can help students that struggle with dyslexia, visual discrimination, sequencing, tracking, and image reversals to strengthen abilities through entertaining activities. This is a form of cognitive therapy that can be used by therapists, teachers and even parents. Here is the most recent review on Amazon: My youngest daughter has had vision therapy for over a year and still had issues with number and letter reversals, so her doctor suggested that we purchase this workbook. My daughter has much fewer reversals or if she does reverse something she sees it immediately and corrects the problem. Between the hours of vision therapy and this workbook, my daughter has gone from failing classes in school to being on the honor roll. Thank you!


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Created: Oct 22, 2015

Updated: Oct 13, 2017

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    user avatarRuthcsa year agoreport

    This is a really great resource with many different ways to approach difficulties with directionality in letters b/d, p/q and w/m as well as numbers ,compass points, following directions etc.. It is going to save me hours of work trying to make my own resources to work with a student with considerable difficulties in this area.

    • user avatarericawarrenReply from Authora year ago

      Thanks so much - It was a pleasure connecting with you.