Early KS3 SOW - Analysing Poetry - 22 lessons w/ppts, resources, an assessment & key word lists.
A 22 Lesson SOW that explores both language and structural features in a variety of poetry (everything from ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou to ‘Hope’ by Emily Dickinson). By the end of this SOW, students should learn to analyse similes, metaphors, personification, ameliorative/pejorative language, contextual factors and how to write up their ideas in PEEL/PETAL paragraphs.
It is primarily designed for Year 7 or for weak Year 8 and 9 groups, to fill in a lot of the analysis gaps that I'm noticing. There are a lot of sentence starters throughout this unit, in order to help students express their ideas, and frequent extension activities. There are also some creative writing lessons, where students get a chance to write some of their own poetry. The main idea is to give students access to such a variety of poetry in order to take some of the fear factor away from unseen poetry and to really get them thinking about various themes of mistreatment and isolation.

All lessons are designed as 55 minute lessons. All lesson ppts start with a slide breaking down the activities by the recommended time, in order to complete the lesson.
The resources are provided as word documents, so that you can adjust them if necessary but this has been simplified by putting all of the poems into an anthology of sorts (it definitely lessened the amount of times I needed to run down to the printer).
All slides contain a ridiculous amount of colours and images, in order to make everything accessible for a variety of learners. (I am fairly fanatical about lessons being visually appealing, as well as covering interesting topics.)

There is a 'Key Words' sheet with basic words students must be aware of and a glossary on appropriate poems.
There is also a lesson map, so you can quickly keep track of which lesson you are on and the main skills that they are working on. This map contains key questions that students should be asked during each lesson.
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  • Lesson-11---Improving-Your-Work.pptx
  • Lesson-12---As-I-Grew-Older.pptx
  • Lesson-13---As-I-Grew-Older-part-2.pptx
  • Lesson-14---As-I-Grew-Older-part-3.pptx
  • Lesson-15---Preface-to-a-Twenty-Volume-Suicide-Note.pptx
  • Lesson-16---The-Journey-extension.docx
  • Lesson-16---The-Journey.docx
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  • Lesson-16---The-Journey.pptx
  • Lesson-17---The-Journey-part-2.pptx
  • Lesson-18---The-Journey-part-3.pptx
  • Lesson-19---Awarding-Marks.docx
  • Lesson-19---Improving-Your-Work.pptx
  • Lesson-20---Assessment-Planning.pptx
  • Lesson-20---Assessment-Poem---The-sea-is-a-hungry-dog.docx
  • Lesson-21---Assessment.pptx
  • Lesson-22---Post-Assessment-Poetry.doc
  • Lesson-22---Post-Assessment-Poets.pptx

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