Early Years / Foundation Planning Sheets

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Planning sheets - We revised the planning last year and the advisors really liked them. There are 3 planning sheets for desirable outcomes and a separate evaluation and way forward sheet. There is one assessment tick sheet, where we cut and paste from the assessment box in planning. There is a copy of the key skills and desirable outcomes which we kept at the beginning of our folders to refer to. I have included a weekly planner split into days of the week also. I have also included sheets for foundation phase in wales which incorporate Bilingualism and Multicultural understanding.


  • weekly_pg1.doc
  • weekly_pg2.doc
  • weekly_pg3.doc
  • evaluation.doc
  • assessment_weekly.doc
  • key_skills.doc
  • weekly_pg2_wales.doc
  • weekly_pg3_wales.doc
  • evaluation_wales.doc
  • blank_weekly_planner_by_days_for_more_detail._(not_used).doc

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    user avatarRastobe3 months agoreport

    Many thanks

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    Thank you for sharing

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    user avatarJones152 years agoreport

    thank you for sharing, great help!

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    user avatarysgolhapus3 years agoreport

    Brilliant! Lovely planning sheets and the colour coding makes them easy to follow. THe best Welsh foundation stage planning sheets I have found ...not too over complicated!