EDEXCEL 9-1GCSE - Topic 3: HENRY VIII SUMMARY 'TOPIC ON A PAGE’ consolidation, revision, resource

EDEXCEL HISTORY GCSE - Topic 3: The Impact of the break with Rome 1529-40
‘HENRY VIII AND HIS MINISTERS’ SUMMARY 'TOPIC ON A PAGE’ consolidation, revision, resource:

This resource provides students with a 'TOPIC ON A PAGE’ summary for each topic of the Henry VIII and his Ministers Unit. It fully covers the syllabus content for each topic and can be used by students and teachers to:

a) consolidate knowledge and understanding to encourage student mastery (embedding academic language and concepts) after students have completed a topic in class or as a homework task, helping them identify areas of strengths and weaknesses

b) as a quick starter activity to review prior learning or weeks/months later as a spaced retrieval practice task. I regularly take sections from the placemats and use them to support spiralled learning.

c) to encourage relevant exam responses - specifically targeting the FEATURES and 12 MARK EXPLAIN questions - knowledge is organised into CAUSES and CONSEQUENCES in line with sample exam questions Students have commented that this has helped them revise an organised and planned response to exam questions that result in a more concise written response in exam conditions.

d) the question squares can be cut up into cards to form an interactive timeline activity or ranking task when completing causation questions. They can also be used to support the HOW FAR DO YOU AGREE questions - organising knowledge into agree and disagree arguments.

e) as a useful revision aid before the final exam. (Many of my Year 11 students rely on these sheets in the final weeks and days of revision and have commented that they have helped make factual recall of the huge volume of the syllabus content more achievable.

The topic on a page summaries can be used as a stand alone resource or in conjunction with the Edexcel Pearson Revision Guide, where all of the answers can be found. This resource can also be used in conjunction with the topic placemats that I have produced to support students in lessons. In particular, I have successfully used the TOPIC ON A PAGE summaries with the ‘EXAM TECHNIQUE’ side of the placemats so when students are given exam questions, they can quickly find relevant supporting knowledge to use in a response. I have used this resource successfully with students targeted Levels 4- 9. It could be easily adapted for students working on or below L3

Please find my placemats at: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/9-1-edexcel-history-learning-topic-placemat-for-henry-viii-and-his-ministers-topic-3-the-impact-o-11804699

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