Edexcel GCSE German (New Spec) Core Vocab List

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For the new GCSE Specification (from Sep 2009). Copied from the Edexcel Specification. In a format that can be easily printed and copied. Only the German is given, kids fill in the English.


  • Core Vocab Purple Booklet German no logo pdf.pdf

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Created: May 31, 2009

Updated: Feb 17, 2011

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    Very useful resource and much less intimidating than the 130 page document the exam board suggests :) Thank you!

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    user avatarJamkid6 years agoreport

    Much appreciated - this will be really useful. Danke!

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    user avatarlynxeyes8 years agoreport

    Including all the mistakes. Appreciate the time and effort that has gone into copying and pasting this - I still feel the exam board should provide these for the price they charge - or at least put them on the website in word format so that we can correct their mistakes as well as present them in any any format we choose before we give them to our students!
    p4 einschlaten - should be einschalten
    p5 - leihen appears here and on p6
    p6 - scheien - should be schneien
    p7 - tich beeilen - should be sich beeilen
    p16 - an ? Ordnung - shouldn't this be in Ordnung?
    Probably quite a few more - you tend to spot them when the students complain that they spent 'hours' looking in a dictionary and couldn't find them!!!!