I will use this as a whole-school activity for/in prep of EDL. Each day, 1 sound file (you will need Audacity to open them), 2 extracts. Students have to guess the languages used. It is up to you to enclose list of languages or not. As a way of separating groups you could ask the artists/titles.


  • European Day of Languages Musical form competition.docx
  • European Day of Languages Musical form competition answers.doc

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    I simply used youtube to find the tracks - great idea, thanks so much!

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    user avatarannaquadri7 years agoreport

    Hi I would love to use this for EDL this year. I think your links on send space have expired, would you be able to upload the links again? thanks Emma

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    Hi frenchgirl, I can't get the links to work or the Audacity Project files to open and am really keen to use this resource as it sounds great. Could you try again? Our IT support guy says if you upload the Audacity projects files there should be another folder of stuff for each one and that's why each project won't open. Thanks in advance!

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    user avatarSFreton7 years agoreport

    EDL Music Competition. Hello French girl,
    the docs you have put up seem to correspond exactly to what I'd need but when I try opening them, the whole data folder is missing and I can't open your documents. Can you help?

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    Unable to use. Hi - we have a French school visiting on Monday and we'd love to use this but the files on sendspace seem to have expired. Is there any way round it?