An IT based lesson that I used for a year 8 mixed ability science group. An investigation into the impacts of mining on the community/environment etc. Pupils get to be either an environmental campaigner or a mining company boss . There is a powerpoint to start the lesson. I also showed them a short movie clip of the grand canyon. Mining/rocks/environment/extraction Feedback appreciated thanks :-)


  • Demand for uranium threatens Grand Canyon biodiversity1.doc
  • Mines and environment1.ppt

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    Good homework activity. Powerpoint could be less information more activities for the students to do. Card sort activity of adv and disadv. of miming could be provided to students instead of written information in the powerpoint.That would help them to complete activty A and B of homework activity.

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    Thanks for this. Using it for a literacy lesson before teaching extraction of metals from their ores,

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    thanks for upload!

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