English Language Paper 1, Section A Unit of Work (AQA GCSE, 8700/1)

A short but detailed series of 11 lessons (could be adapted to last longer, particularly with weaker groups) to introduce the reading section of the new specification GCSE English Language Paper 1 (for AQA). Includes a wide range of sample texts so students can adjust to reading different styles of source.

All lessons include relevant objectives and tasks, as well as opportunities for reflection (green pen in our school, so you may need to adapt this if yours is different). Additionally, a range of extracts, sample answers and worksheets are included.

There are a couple of places where skills are linked to ‘A Christmas Carol’ as this is one of our Lit texts, but this can be adapted if you use a different 19th century novel. Even if not, it shouldn’t detract from the unit as a whole as the main resources focus on other pieces of fiction.

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  • 1---Introducing-the-paper-and-Q1.pptx
  • 1.1---A-Child-in-Time-extract.docx
  • 1.2---I'm-the-King-of-the-Castle-extract.docx
  • 2---Preparing-for-Q2---language-skills.pptx
  • 3---Responding-to-Q2.pptx
  • 3.1---Passage-from-1.2-for-language-focus.docx
  • 3.2---Student-A-Q2-answer-sample---low-level-3.docx
  • 3.3---Student-B-Q2-answer-sample---low-level-4.docx
  • 3.4---Extract-from-Stave-1-of-ACC---city-description.docx
  • 4---Consolidating-Q2.pptx
  • 4.1---Student-Q2-response---level-2.docx
  • 4.2---The-Insult-extract-and-Q2-task.docx
  • 5---Preparing-for-Q3---approaching-structure.pptx
  • 5.1---Possible-structural-features.docx
  • 5.3---The-Constant-Princess-opening.docx
  • 6---Structural-features-and-responding-to-Q3.pptx
  • 6.1---Jumbled-I'm-the-King-of-the-Castle-opening.docx
  • 6.2---I'm-the-King-of-the-Castle-opening.docx
  • 6.3---Great-Expectations-extract.docx
  • 6.4---A-Christmas-Carol-extract.docx
  • 7---Consolidating-Q3.pptx
  • 7.1---Structure-jigsaw-for-Q3.docx
  • 7.2---Student-Q3-response---level-3.docx
  • 7.3---Remarkable-Creatures-extract-and-Q3-task.docx
  • 8---Practice-Assessment-on-Q1-3.pptx
  • 8.1---Insert-for-Lang-S1P1---Jamaica-Inn.docx
  • 8.2---Questions-1-3-for-Lang-S1P1.docx
  • 8.3---Mark-Scheme-for-Lang-S1P1.PDF
  • 9---Preparing-for-Q4.pptx
  • 9.1---Transmission-extract.docx
  • 9.2---Q4-mark-scheme.docx
  • 10---Improving-Q4.pptx
  • 10.1---Student-Q4-response---level-2.docx
  • 10.2---Student-Q4-response---level-3.docx
  • 10.3---Question-4-for-Lang-S1P1.docx
  • 11---Consolidating-Q4.pptx
  • 11.1---The-Blind-Assassin-extract.docx
  • 11.2---Questions-for-Blind-Assassin-extract.docx

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