Erbium board game

I made this game to use with my AS Chemistry class for F321 to revise with. I'm currently an ITT but my mentor loved how engaged the students were for the 2 hours that we played it (took a while because we were tweaking rules). All you need is past paper questions for the solves and key words for the other 2 section. I have included rules, question blanks and the questions that I used. The game brings in peer assessment in all the sections and is self differentiating as students either progress along the easy track or hard track.


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  • sbirceaa month agoReport

    Excellent resource. Can't wait to try it on my group. Thank you for sharing!

  • Looks immense, I reckon it will go down a treat. Easily adaptable too ;)

  • alessio3 years agoReport

    Brilliant game! Ideal for revision. Thanks for sharing.

  • sam_bchem3 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing this-great resource and really adaptable.

  • Varsani853 years agoReport

    This looks fantastic. I think I will use it tomorrow and see how my students get on.