ESL EFL ENGLISH FRUITS & VEGETABLES ACTIVITIES GAMES 3 GAMES @ $1.20 EACH IN THE BUNDLE Set 1 focuses on fruits in English; Set 2 on vegetables in English and Set 3 on a combination of fruits and vegetables in English, ideal for advanced beginner English and intermediate English students.

I have… Who has… ? is a lively & communicative whole-group language learning game, perfect for practising, reinforcing & refreshing target vocabulary in English. The game has a multi-skill focus: listening, speaking & reading, with an important bonus focus on social interaction and participation.

It’s perfect for pronunciation practice too. I point out particular phonemes and sounds, such as the soft c in lettuce compared to the hard c in carrot, and the addition of n to a when preceding a noun starting with a vowel, such as an aubergine or an orange for example.

The aim of the game is to create an English sentence chain as quickly as possible, starting with the first card, and ending with the final card, the last card. The game works well if the sentence sequence is placed on the floor, a longish table, or other flat surface. I created the game for young beginner learners of English, but it definitely also works well with older and adult learners too. The design is four cards per page, which allows for a large font - this is really important for beginner language learners who are familiar with the written word, and starting to link spelling with sound. Try to print in colour if you can - it adds to the visual appeal of the game, which is a real motivator for learning.

There are 29 fruits featured across the 3 games: green apple; red apple; banana; cherry; date; fig; gooseberries; grapefruit; green grapes; red grapes; honeydew melon; kiwi; lemon; lime; mango; nectarine; olive; orange; papaya; peach; pear; pineapple; pumpkin; raspberry; redcurrants; rhubarb; starfruit; strawberry; watermelon.

and 28 vegetables: artichoke; asparagus; aubergine; green beans; beetroot; broccoli; Brussels sprout; cabbage; carrot; cauliflower; celery; cucumber; garlic; leek; lettuce; mushroom; onion; peas; green pepper; red pepper; yellow pepper; potato; sweet potato; radish; spinach; sweetcorn; tomato; zucchini

All the fruits and vegetables may not be in my longer-term learning plan, but the learning objective moves beyond simply learning individual units of vocab - the images help students infer meaning from context, supported by the visual prompts and clues - this in turn supports them in developing their English language skills in the longer and more complex sentences. There is***implicit input on grammatical concepts*** such as the***lack of adjectival agreement and gender***, and position of adjectives, which are often entirely new concepts for many ESL/EFL learners. Nouns feature definite, indefinite and partitive articles too. This is a very successful way of really getting the most of what looks like a straightforward game for consolidating the target vocabulary - it is actually so much more!

The question card template provides an additional learning activity, with students applying their developing English language knowledge creatively and practically, as they make game cards for the class - this is a really popular activity with my students.

Download, print out, laminate, cut out & shuffle the cards. I’d definitely recommend you laminate the cards, despite the extra prep and expense. They’re far more learner-friendly, and they will last for absolutely years. Distribute the cards, one or two per student, depending on how many students you have in your group. I often play too - students really do enjoy it when I join in, and they seem to work that little harder on their concentration, reading out loud and pronunciation. Students walk around the room, talking to each other in their best English accent, sharing the information on their cards, until they have arranged the cards in the correct order. The game works best played against a timer, regularly over a longer-term series of lessons - students genuinely enjoy seeing if they can beat their own time record.

Have a browse in my store for more English Language active learning activities, and a wide range of other English Language teaching and learning materials, with special offer bundles, resource boxes, and lots of freebies too - I’ve included a couple here for you to try.

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