European Day of Languages assembly

A readers’ assembly on the importance of foreign languages, ready for European Day of Languages. Our school’s assemblies have quite a strong Christian ethos, hence the references to the Bible, but I suppose you could edit them out and include references to the use of languages in industry instead.


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    user avatarmagpie2a month agoReport

    Loved it!

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    user avatarMrsB853 years agoReport

    Great idea - I willbe using this in assembly in my school.

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    user avatarmathdana4 years agoReport

    Thanks for the idea - very thought provoking and something I can adapt for KS1.

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    user avatarnoemie5 years agoReport

    Hi lovely bglatt, nice encouraging post there. Perhaps next time you'd like to use your ability to read and have a look at the description before posting. It is a READER assembly, hence why you have a text that people (aka readers) will then READ in assembly. But feel free to jazz it up with lovely pictures and then upload it, that's the idea of this site. Jerk!

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    user avatarbglatt5 years agoReport

    No point doing a power point for this. The information is interesting though.

Sep 18, 2011
Feb 2, 2015