EYFS 2012 Curriculum Autumn Term Planning

Medium term plan and assessment by month banding. Suitable for school based nursery and Reception classes. Follows new 2012 guidelines.


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    shortgal2 years agoReport

    thanks very useful

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    clarecrs2 years agoReport

    Thank you. Good to see how someone else plans!

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    winglewood3 years agoReport

    Like the pupil assessment sheets. we're all so busy designing our own. This is what the government should do! Thank you

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    jcapstick4 years agoReport

    i can not explain how delighted i am with the nursery lesson plans and the assessment sheets, they will make my life so much easier, well layed out and very easy to add bits on brilliant.

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    penden444 years agoReport

    Thank you very much, very comprehensive plans. A great model to follow for further planning. I intend to adapt the plan for my setting and themes. Thank you for sharing.