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We are trying to get parents more involved in their child’s time in FS especially with the introduction of the EYFS. As we all know the parental contribution to their child’s profile is now actively encouraged. We are going to be introducing mini parent home ob sheets. We have many EAL parents and with no real support for explaining the curriculum I have devised a book with loads of pictures that will hopefully aid us in encouraging parents to be more active. Hope this is of use you.

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CreatedJul 29, 2008
UpdatedJun 9, 2013

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    user avatarlisatookie4 years agoReport

    WOW! This resource is great, saved me so much time. Thank you for sharing.

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    LOVE IT!!! Great idea, can't wait to send it out to Parents. Thank you very much!

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    user avatarali_stone5 years agoReport

    Brilliant resource! I will be sending it out to our parents next week! Thank you for the hard work!

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    This is fantasic- just what i was looking for. thankyou so much for sharing :0)

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    FAB. Great resource, so bright and inviting with clear simple explanations that parents will find useful. Many thanks for sharing all your lovely hard work.