PSHE resources and lessons, Citizenship, RE, RSE + Whole School units and schemes of work. I have everything you could need for PSHE KS3 and KS4 resources, UK citizenship curriculum and RE GCSE and KS3. Also loads of assemblies, quizzes and tutor time PSHE resources. Can't find what you need? Email me at - you can also find more at :) All planned according the [PSHE Association's]( latest guidance.

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A collection of fun, EYFS KS1 number activities to aid digit recognition, counting and numicon addition / subtraction. Perfect for home learning, this pack provides beginner friendly examples to aid parents who are instructing for the first time at home. I have created and used these activities with my daughter in a home learning context.

Ideally, parents would be advised to invest in their own numicon set, however, as this is not always possible a numicon print out has been included in the pack along with basic instructions for addition and subtraction.

Included activities

  • Number / numicon recognition jigsaw
  • Number / numicon domino gameboard
  • How many acorns? Counting activity
  • Numicon addition
  • Numicon subtraction
  • One more spot worksheets
  • One more, one less worksheets
  • Number bonds to 10 worksheets
  • 10 frames - addition
  • Simple addition
  • Ordering numbers
  • Continuing a pattern (images)
  • Continuing a pattern (2d shapes)
  • Shape sort - name (2d)
  • Shape sort - number of sides
  • Shape sort - number of vertices
  • I spy - counting 2d shapes
  • Pictogram - 2d shapes
  • Colour by number - identifying number on a die

Please note, I am adding to this pack of resources daily, as I create more content to use at home. Anyone who purchases early will be able to download newer material as it is added at no extra cost.

Any schools that purchase this resource pack are permitted to redistribute the file to parents via email or a home learning platform e.g. Seesaw / Tapestry.




10 months ago

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