Fall of the Western Roman Empire: Is the US likely to meet the same fate- 10 Day Inquiry unit!
Fall of the Western Roman Empire: Is the US likely to meet the same fate- 10 Day Inquiry unit!

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The Romans have had a profound influence on modern western civilizations. The ideologies, government structure, and culture of Roman society formed the basis for our modern world. Understanding the rise and fall of this civilization can help us better understand the cyclical nature of history.

Concept Lens: Structure and Power

Enduring Understandings:

• Modern culture is heavily influenced by the past.
• Human societies are cyclical in nature.
• The necessity for order leads people to establish governments.
• Human knowledge is cumulative.
• Ideas from the past continue to affect the world today.
• Individuals can have a lasting effect on history.
• The struggle for power creates conflict.

Essential Questions:

• How have the prominent thinkers of the Classical Age affected modern thinking?
• How have Roman advancements affected modern political systems?

Guiding Questions:

• What is an Empire?
• How did the Roman Republic evolved into the Roman Empire?
• What are the origins of Christianity in relation to the Roman Empire?
• What caused the downfall of the Western Roman Empire?

Critical Content:

• Students will know:

o How the struggle for power shaped Roman society,
o The major accomplishments and prominent individuals of Roman civilization
o The circumstances surrounding the rise and fall of the Roman Empire,
o The role that religion played in the Roman Empire.

• Students will be able to:

o Conduct research and generate explanations from evidence,
o Take and defend a position with historical evidence,
o Use multiple source documents to analyze different perspectives,
o Utilize technology in classroom research and presentation,
o Further develop reading comprehension skills.
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