Family Fortunes (Online Quiz)

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Interactive version of the popular TV show dedicated to the subject of RE, featuring categories relevant to all 6 major faiths. Simply invite suggestions and click on the corresponding line to reveal a correct answer. Click on the crosses to register an error.

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CreatedNov 4, 2009
UpdatedDec 18, 2013

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    user avatarmadaboutrs3 years agoReport

    I am utterly amazed. thank you so much for sharing this quiz. You have just saved me hours of my life!

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    user avatardurgamata5 years agoReport

    anything that reinforces learning in a fun, interractive way - which can also stimulate discussion - is a good resource. I did wonder why 'money problems' wasn't included in 'reasons for divorce' - as I think I read that Relate's statistics show it as one of the main ones - but that's nit-picking and also the kind of thing that can be explored in discussion.