First Amendment ~ Lenny Bruce ~ Johnson & Flag ~ Son of Sam Laws + Quizzes ~ 50 Slides
3 powerpoint presentations on the FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION. They are of: LENNY BRUCE-stand up comic battling for free speech; JOHNSON and EICHMAN- right to burn the American flag as free expression; SON OF SAM LAWS-struck down for inhibiting convicts from creating books and movies by penalizing them by taking their royalties. Test case was the book upon which GOODFELLAS was based. Each presentation concludes with a ten point multiple choice QUIZ so that there are 30 QUIZ QUESTIONS in all.

I am a retired lawyer, instructor and legal textbook writer.

some EXCERPT from shows:

In August 1984, JOHNSON participated in a political demonstration in Dallas, Texas because the Republican National Convention was there. Johnson took an American flag, poured kerosene on it and set it on fire. While the flag burned, he chanted: ”Reagan, Mondale which will it be? Either one means World War III." Johnson was arrested and charged with violating a Texas statute.

The Supreme Court held that JOHNSON'S conviction for flag desecration was inconsistent with the First Amendment. This decision immediately invalidated any laws against flag desecration which were in effect throughout the states.

As a stand up comic in the 1960s in America ,LENNY BRUCE championed the First Amendment in the courts so that he could continue to perform his open, free-style which combined satire, politics, religion, and sex. He was vulgar and crusaded for the right to be so. In 1964 he was convicted in an obscenity trial. He died while appealing it. Comedy, as you see it performed today, would not exist without him.

In 1987, after SIMON & SCHUSTER paid ex mobster HENRY HILL more than $96,000, the NY CRIME BOARD ruled that the money should go to the families of Mr. Hill's victims if any appeared to claim it. Simon & Schuster sued the Crime Board and took it all the way to the Supreme Court. It got these laws struck down but some states are trying to reinvent them. The problem is the chilling effect this has on First Amendment freedom of expression.
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