A 4 lesson mini-scheme, which could be used as an introduction to History for year 7 students - or for you, if you haven't taught History before! Lessons 1 and 2 give focus to Chronology skills and the importance of Chronology to Historians. Lesson 3 trains students to enquire into sources and evidence, and there is an optional homework task (which could help you to get to know students) included. Lesson 4 is a rapid fire tour through accuracy, reliability, facts, opinion and bias.


  • Introduction-lesson.pptx
  • Lesson-1---cards-for-chronology-task-differentiated.docx
  • Lesson-1---cards-for-chronology-task.docx
  • Lesson-1---History-glossary-A4.docx
  • Lesson-1---History-glossary-A5.docx
  • Lesson-2---cards-for-group-challenge-differentiated.docx
  • Lesson-2---cards-for-group-challenge.docx
  • Lesson-4---anachronisms-optional-handout.docx

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