Ideas for lessons activities together with supporting images, videos and web links suitable for a KS1 and 2 project on flooding. The videos contain powerful images of how the lives of some children in developing countries revolve around extreme weather conditions which can be caused by climate change.


  • Activities_in_which_pupils_investigate_different_ways_of_preparing_for_floods.pdf
  • Activities_where_pupils_look_at_why_area_flood.pdf
  • After_a_flood.__Activities_comparing_coping_with__the_aftermath_of_a_flood__in_Uk_and_developing_countries.pdf
  • Impact_of_flooding.pdf

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    Thanks this was great for my revision

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    user avatarmcdoodle16 years agoreport

    Useful weblink including video clips and ideas for activities to develop children´s understanding and raise awareness of these issues.