Food preservation experiments

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To be conducted over 2 lessons. Working with instant custard powder, custard powder made with milk, apples, runner beans, banana. 1). Custard:-cooking and chilling, cooking and freezing. 2). Apples and runner beans:- to blanch or not before freezing. 3). Bananas:- can you freeze a whole banana? Can you freeze raw slices? Discuss:- enzymic browning, blanching, modified starch, ice is bigger than water! Also includes a 5 minute video from CBS News all about freezing food.

  • Food Preservation - OCR Past Qs.docx
  • Preservation Experiments - Results ws.docx
  • Preservation Experiments.docx
  • Freezing Food Facts
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Food Preservation - OCR Past Qs

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Preservation Experiments - Results ws

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Preservation Experiments

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Freezing Food Facts 5mins

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CreatedAug 11, 2011
UpdatedMar 26, 2012

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    user avatarpatsyatsy5 years agoReport

    This was a very useful resource and saved me heaps of time.

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    user avatarSpencer_DT5 years agoReport

    A good set of experiments that will be fun and informative when carried out in the classroom. Lots of direction and guidance provided.