Foundations of Civilization: How civilizations began Lesson Plan- Student love !!!
Foundations of Civilization: How civilizations began Lesson Plan- Student love !!!

contains guided Notes and PowerPoint for students, review and reflection and interactive game
Game rules include:
Directions: Some people define a civilization as a society that has a relatively advanced culture; one characterized by the growth of cities. As you play the Civilization Game, you will be solving problems faced by Neolithic man. You are to choose a solution (s) that will lead to the formation of cities. As you play the game, fill in your answer sheet under each problem. Each correct solution will mean one point for your team. An incorrect solution, gives your team no points. In addition, the teacher will add 1-5 points at the end of the game for the quality of your groups’ explanation.

Your group represents a family that lived about 4,000 years ago along the banks of the Tigris River. You live in a small village with five other families. Each family raises all its own grain and vegetables by farming, supplemented by some food obtained by hunting, fishing and gathering. Usually, you eat ervy bit of food you grow. Sometimes, you aren’t able to grow enough. Those are the lean years of famine. You also have a few chickens and a cow for milk. Your house is made of sun-dried brick, and is roofed with reeds gathered from the river bank. The women of the family weave the cloth from which all your clothes are made. Everyone makes the containers and tools needed by the family from natural elements in the environment. Almost every year the river floods, covering the land with silt rich enough to grow your food. Your family consists of the parents and children, the wives of grown sons, parents of the father, and occasionally widowed and orphaned relatives.

Your family will be given a series of problems to solve. Your solution will determine whether or not civilization will develop. Write the letter of the solution you believe will lead to civilization on your answer sheet. Note: A problem may have more than one correct solution; therefore it is your duty to explain why you choose that answer.
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