A4 pdf. Saasson font and fractions font used throughout. Each card has a pizza picture, fraction name and numeral. Set includes Whole, half, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths and eighths. I also have a larger resources which includes and empty plate picture plus slices of pizza which could be used in conjunction. I will also list this and some display resources if it would be of benefit - just leave your thoughts in the feedback or on the forum!!!! The problem with one of the pictures (pointed out below in the feedback!) has been rectified.


  • Fraction_Snap_.pdf

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Created: Feb 24, 2007

Updated: Nov 21, 2014

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    Perfect, this was really helpful in Year 3. Of course it would be great in other year groups too.

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    user avatarmairruth5 months agoreport

    Clearly set out ,perfect for my lower level Functional Skills students.

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    user avatarjosiaha year agoreport

    great resource, thank you.

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    fantastic resource for sen group

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    This loads as seven blank pages, I'm not entirely sure why!