French pronunciation survival guide.

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An 18 page booklet which focuses entirely on French pronunciation. It offers concrete, fool-proof advice on how to pronounce the tricky sounds in French. It offers a range of activities to practise pronunciation, including tongue twisters, songs and karaoke activities, how to act out playscripts and movie-making tasks. It also explains the international phonetic alphabet and contains links to pronunciation websites.

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French pronunciation survival guide

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CreatedNov 2, 2012
UpdatedNov 25, 2014

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    user avatarxara835 months agoReport

    Excellent resource. Well done and thanks for sharing

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    user avatarnatjohnston8 months agoReport

    Fab. Merci beaucoup

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    user avatarlolotte2 years agoReport

    Fabuleux! Merci mille fois!

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    user avatarMaxomtb2 years agoReport

    Ace! Am looking forward to hearing more authentic sounding French pronunciation.

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    Amazing. Thanks so much, this will be so helpful.