These French Telling Time 420 challenge cards are perfect for developing French language skills in general, as well as for practising and revising how to tell time - there are 420 cards, comprising seven individual sets of 60 cards which each focus on particular clock times, with the seventh set featuring a range of times in a single set.

The challenge cards are structured as follows:

Set 1: focus on o’clock and half past the hour (60 task cards)

Set 2: focus on quarter to and quarter past the hour (60 task cards)

Set 3: focus on five minutes to and five minutes past the hour (60 task cards)

Set 4: focus on ten minutes to and ten minutes past the hour (60 task cards)

Set 5: focus on twenty minutes to and twenty minutes past the hour (60 task cards)

Set 6: focus on twenty-five minutes to and twenty-five minutes past the hour (60 task cards)

Set 7: selection of analogue clock times in a single set (60 task cards)

Each set is divided into two separate sets of 30 questions, full answer key and a recording sheet. The cards have a bonus multi-skill focus on listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading and spelling, and really help students develop more independence in their learning, moving away from more teacher-led tasks and activities. The questions are a straightforward introduction to telling analogue clock times, and also to working and learning with task cards - I generally work with numbers quite quickly with my beginner language students, and move on to task card activities as soon as I can, so that they can develop independent and collaborative learning skills.

There are two questions: Quelle heure est-il ? with a particular clock face, and students write the response on their recording sheet or in their workbooks. The second question is Vrai ou faux ? and students write either vrai or faux - where the answer is faux, remind students to write the correct time for additional consolidation. Task cards are really versatile too - we use them not only when we’re focusing on the target vocab and structures, but throughout the year as starters and refreshers. The goal is not simply to learn and practice how to tell time in French, but also to enjoy working with language, and to feel confident about doing so. I use these cards not only with my elementary French learners, but also my beginner French learners in high school.

The cards are numbered 1-60 in words, so students should recap those numbers before they work with the task cards. The question card template enables students to apply their knowledge of language and time creatively and practically too - my students really enjoy creating questions for each other!

Each set comprises the following:

60 question cards, 6 per A4 (8.5 x 11) paper. Print, laminate and cut out. Depending on how long you want the activity to last for, choose a particular number of cards per small group of students, and place them in a tin, bowl or small box so that students can easily select a card, and then replace at the end of the activity. You can simply place all the cards in the bowl/box and let students work their way through, either in a single lesson, or across a series of lessons.

2-page answer recording sheet. Best printed double-sided.

2-page answer key, again best printed double-sided, and laminated for longevity. One answer key for each small group is sufficient.

The bundle is copyright, all rights reserved. It may not be copied, rewritten, shared or distributed in any way. The license for purchase is a single-user license only. Please read the Terms of Use carefully.



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Created: Jan 23, 2020

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