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Works through introducing algebra to simplifying basic expressions using paperclips and physical objects (which need to be referenced as each having a value, so mathematically correct). Recommend adapting slides to use objects that pupils are interested in, and use names of pupils within the class to engage them. 10th Mar - updated to include substitution earlier on to combat misconceptions

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Algebra - introducing basics & simplifying

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Algebra - introducing basics & simplifying v2

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CreatedOct 28, 2011
UpdatedJan 12, 2015

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    This is a colourful, simple and fun Power-point which I will use to revise algebra with my mixed Year 5/6 Class. thank you so much for sharing!

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    user avatarbearcool17 days agoReport

    A very good resource-though I think I might skip some slides for brevity. I think I'll tweak the paperclips slides to use the pots as I feel this ties to the algebra better.

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    user avatarSueHotta18 days agoReport

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    Love this as an introduction to algebra for my year 6 group - thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarbabsfree2 months agoReport

    Brilliant introduction to algebra...thank you.

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