Fun with Languages: Online Collection of Activities (German, French, Russian and Spanish)

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Online bank of activities, games, worksheets and resources to help in learning a foreign language collected together in an easy to navigate website. Useful as cover lesson activities, teaching activities, revision and homework. Resources for German and French for all ages and abilities KS2-KS5. Also includes resources for Russian and KS3 Spanish.

Formerly known as 'Suttonhighmfl'.

I have posted this using a free webhost so that this very extensive collection of resources is available free of charge to all teachers and learners of languages. Please note that the activities that require Flash work on a PC but not on an iPad or phone. Some activities such as jigwords are gradually being updated as the free host does not support this type of file.

This website was first published in 2004 and is regularly updated with new resources.


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    user avatarCLFSMFL9 days agoreport

    Really useful for lots of year groups. Heavily used at our school (links in well with our textbooks) and much missed. So sorry you have to upload again. We appreciate that this is huge job but it would really be so helpful to so many people. Many thanks.

    • user avatarBrightonEarlyReply from Authora day ago

      Everyone loves five stars! Thank you for taking the time to upload a review. I have been able to upload a hard copy to our intranet, so our pupils can access it when in school, but this doesn't help with revision at home. I should look into posting this on our VLE, but that would not be open to all teachers/learners which defeats what I have been trying to do since 2004 - share!

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    Such a useful website! Was looking to see what I could use for my lesson tomorrow and devastated that it's down!
    Please, please, please upload again! There are so few resources for KS2 German and this was the best!!

    • user avatarBrightonEarlyReply from Authora day ago

      I'm glad this is of use to you. I will do my best to start it all up again this half term. Thanks for the five stars!

  • 2

    such a great site but can't access it now :(

    • user avatarBrightonEarlyReply from Authora day ago

      Thank you for the reply, but will two stars motivate me to upload it all again?

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    I echo the appreciation of other users and had only recently promoted use of your site to members of my Dept - typical! Such a pain for you to have to find workaround when you're saving us all lots of time! Thank you

    • user avatarBrightonEarlyReply from Authora day ago

      Thank you for the review - saving time for other teachers is why I have created the site. 60-70 hour weeks are enough as it is.

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    user avatarGermanprof12 days agoreport

    Your resources are amazing! I have loved using them with all my classes, but especially the KS4 grammar activities. (I doubt some of my students would grasp more complex grammar without your tasks!)
    I'm relieved to hear that the resources might be available again....just sad for you to have to upload it all , again! My students and I will really appreciate it though.

    • user avatarBrightonEarlyReply from Authora day ago

      Thank you for this review. It's good to know my time has not been wasted. 12 years of free activities so far and counting.