Fun with Languages: Online Collection of Activities (German, French, Russian and Spanish)

Online bank of activities, games, worksheets and resources to help in learning a foreign language collected together in an easy to navigate website. Useful as cover lesson activities, teaching activities, revision and homework. Resources for German and French for all ages and abilities KS2-KS5. Also includes resources for Russian and KS3 Spanish.

Formerly known as 'Suttonhighmfl'.

I have posted this using a free webhost so that this very extensive collection of resources is available free of charge to all teachers and learners of languages. Please note that the activities that require Flash work on a PC but not on an iPad or phone. Some activities such as jigwords are gradually being updated as the free host does not support this type of file.

This website was first published in 2004 and is regularly updated with new resources.


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    Brilliant. Many thanks.

  • taradh3 months agoReport

    Excuse the 'shouting', but this is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE website for use with my students and I use it all the time(German). I particularly love the AS and A2 section and all my GCSE/AS/A2 students love filling those monkeys!! Can't thank you enough for creating this.

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  • rhawkes4 years agoReport

    Stunning website - thank you for all the hard work that's gone into sharing this!