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**GCSE Business 9-1- 6 x Student Revision Work Booklets BUS/C8B/02
Business GCSE 9-1 (Each Workbooklet has a triple focus )

Topics Covered:

  • 1.Role and Purpose of Marketing
  • 2.Marketing Mix
  • 3.Business Ownership Structures
  • 4.Break Even Analysis, Cash flow and Cost, Revenue and Profit
  • 5.External Environment
  • 6.Human Resources
  • Bonus: Business Christmas Quiz

GCSE Business GCSE(9-1)
72 Pages of classroom-ready activities, exam practice, cre8tive activities that will enthuse and engage students, and ensure they get the most from their Business GCSE

Each booklet has been created by a dedicated business studies specialist ‘Faculty Leader’ and is matched against the new curriculum specifications set by the exam board. It can be used to revise this topic, through a range of stimulating exercises, encouraging discussion and liven up lessons through structured engagement between students. (All paid for Booklets come in editable versions as well as PDF)

Each booklet contains:

  • o External Factors Rubix Cube Activity 3 x3 (Higher Ability
  • o External Factors Rubix Cube Activity 2 x2 (Lower Ability
  • o Diamond Nine Sorting Activities templates
  • o Debating issues related to External Factors
  • o 2 x 9 Mark Questions and 1 x 6 Mark Questions Exam Practice
  • o Boycott companies that use child labour campaign, and Encourage business to use less non-renewables
  • Creating new revision materials to test a peer
  • o Digital learning opportunities.
  • o Minimal preparation required – Just print and go!

Business GCSE Objectives:
A01- Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business concepts and issues
A02 - Apply knowledge and understanding of business concepts and issues to a variety of contexts
A03- Analyse and evaluate business information and issues to demonstrate understanding of business activity, make judgments and draw conclusions

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a year ago

I was hoping for some information as they are advertised as revision materials!


2 years ago

I found the powerpoints really useful in a school with a low printing budget. It meant I could share the resource with the students on google to edit. Thanks it is great and has saved a lot of time.


2 years ago

Good ideas within the booklets with some examples of exam questions..the powerpoints are pretty much null and void within the classroom as they just copy exactly what is in the booklet these would be much better with the answers/example answers or replies.

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