GCSE Chemistry 1-9: Skills Booklet - Word / Balancing / Ionic Equations

This booklet is aimed to support students in the tricky skills aspect of the new GCSE.

It includes:

  1. A Periodic Table
  2. Common Substances
  3. Writing Word Equations
  4. Picking information from the text
  5. Word Equations: Metals and Oxygen
  6. Word Equations: Metals and Water
  7. Word Equations: Displacement Reactions
  8. Word Equations: Complete and Incomplete Combustion
  9. Word Equations: Acid – Base reactions
  10. Word Equations: Reduction reactions
  11. Practice Questions: Word Equations
  12. Balancing Simple Equations
  13. Practice Questions: Balancing Equations
  14. Finding the formula for ionic substances
  15. Finding the formula for covalent substances
  16. Writing Balanced Equations
  17. Writing Balanced Equations: Metals and Oxygen
  18. Writing Balanced Equations: Metals and Water
  19. Writing Balanced Equations: Displacement Reactions
  20. Writing Balanced Equations: Combustion
  21. Writing Balanced Equations: Acid – Base reactions
  22. Writing Balanced Equations: Reduction reactions
  23. Practice Questions: Writing Balancing Equations
  24. Writing Ionic Equations (H)
  25. Practice Questions: Writing Ionic Equations
  26. Writing Half Equations (H)
  27. Practice Questions: Writing Half Equations

Hopefully you find it as useful as my students have!

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