A pack of five worksheets for the teaching or revision of the GCSE Biology topic digestion. Worksheets are designed to be visually appealing, engaging and encourage independent learning by students.
The pack includes:
1.) Worksheet on structure and function of digestive system
2.) Worksheet on digestion of food by enzymes (differentiated support version provided too)
3.) Worksheet on the overview of digestion (includes role of bile)
4.) Worksheet on absorption and villi adaptations - Now Updated with microvilli added to the diagram and table
5.) Crossword on the digestion topic

All worksheets are provided with answers.


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  • GCSE-Digestive-System-Structure-and-Function-Worksheet.pdf
  • GCSE-Digestive-System-Structure-and-Function-Worksheet-Answers.pdf
  • GCSE-Digestive-Enzymes-Worksheet.pdf
  • GCSE-Digestive-Enzymes-Support-Worksheet-.pdf
  • GCSE-Digestive-Enzymes-Worksheet-Answers.pdf
  • GCSE-Overview-of-Digestion-Worksheet.pdf
  • GCSE-Overview-of-Digestion-Worksheet-Answers.pdf
  • GCSE-Absorption-Worksheet.pdf
  • GCSE-Absorption-Worksheet-Answers.pdf
  • GCSE-Digestion-Topic-Crossword.pdf
  • GCSE-Digestion-Topic-Crossword-Answers.pdf
  • GCSE-Absorption-Worksheet-Updated.pdf
  • GCSE-Absorption-Worksheet-Updated-Answers.pdf

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