GCSE FRENCH: French Speaking Questions Task Cards - 8 Tense Bundle
These 8 sets of 30 speaking questions are just right for students who need to practice the FRENCH VERB TENSES, and they are a perfect no prep speaking activity for busy teachers. Each set of EST-CE QUE questions uses the TU form with verbs in the various tenses. In addition to regular and irregular -ER, -IR and -RE verbs I've also included many irregular verbs. This bundle give you 25% off the regular price.

There are 8 sets of cards included, one for each of the tenses listed below:

Futur proche
Futur simple
Passé Composé
Past Conditional
Present Subjunctive

In order to avoid OUI and NON answers, each question also includes an interrogative word which is great practice in helping to remember what they mean and where they're placed in the sentence.

Since all of the questions are asked in the TU form, all of the answers will be in the first person singular. This is so that students can really focus and get used to using these verbs when talking about themselves and when talking to a friend.

Just cut out the 30 cards, punch holes in the spaces provided and attach the stack of cards with a key ring. It would be a great idea to print on card stock and laminate the cards before punching holes and attaching them. Super easy and no prep for years to come. Both black and white and color versions are included as well as a 2 page print out of the questions if you should decide to use them as a quiz or homework assignment.

I am a firm believer that repetition is key in learning a language, and that's why I've created many different versions of these speaking cards. All of the cards ask the same basic questions, but each time in a different tense. My students really appreciate the familiarity of the cards even when learning a new tense.

As your students learn more and more tenses you could easily create small groups, give each student in the group a different tense stack, and have them ask each other the same basic questions but in different tenses. That's a very effective review of verb forms!
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