GERMAN  Big Bundle: Present Perfect Weak Verbs Beginner Practice
Designed for students who are new to using the present perfect tense. This big bundle is enough to support your instruction for over 3 weeks with loads of practice sheets, quizzes, a reflection guide, peer coaching activity, writing and speaking activity that extend to include the use of time and location in basic past tense sentences.

Provide your students with the guided practice they need, so they can evolve into more independent and confidence tense users. These activities also constantly circle back toward the grammatical basics of case serve as a good tool for maintaining basic case recognition and also serve as a spring board to foreshadow future lessons on the dative case.

Set includes 3 different bundles in 1!
1. 8 worksheets to practice simple perfect tense sentences with attention to simple case functions.
2. 7 Simple perfect tense question writing worksheets
3. 11 slightly more complex perfect tense questions writing worksheets
4. Engaging Practice Activity with cut out manipulative to practice tense, time and location in small collaborative groups
5. 2 Quizzes
6. A quiz reflection activity- That foster peer to peer teaching and learning! Very meta cognitive

Files are in Word, Excel and Power Point and are editable

The worksheets are meant to help students practice using the present perfect of weak verbs, helping verbs in different forms and they are also asked to identify the part of the sentences (Subject, Accusative/Direct Object and Dative/Indirect Object). The sentences are simple but require students to apply good holistic grammar.

After the quiz there is an active reflection activity that has students serve as both teachers and students. This encourages them to learn from each other and reflect on their own understanding.

The word order activity uses cut outs for verbs, city locations and time, so kids can engage actively in creating sentences that apply Time/Manner/Place/Object. There is also a need to apply the basics of the dative case after prepositions.
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