Goldilocks & The Three Bears Bundle

This bundle includes Literacy, Science and DT related resources and activities based on the traditional story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears - PowerPoint
To introduce and teach story settings, characters, sequence of events, the language used in the traditional story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Also shows some of the follow up activities while providing some suggested answers.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears – Worksheets
Different sets of writing activities:
• Describing characters
• Completing characters’ fact sheets
• Choosing words that describe best objects (links to Science – Materials)
• Writing a recipe.
Cut and paste activities include:
• Sorting images of 3 bowls, 3 chairs and 3 beds by size
• Rearranging words in the correct order to create sentences
• Sequencing story images and captions
• Pictures and writing sheets to recreate scenes from the story or create new ones.
Also includes a Word Mat for story writing activities and spellings with story prompts (beginning, middle, end) verbs and adjectives.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Class Posters

Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Bingo
Set includes 2 Bingo mats with matching picture cards and matching words

DT / Food / Breakfast / Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Planning included! ‘Healthy Breakfast!’ Children investigate food groups, the characteristics and properties of different varieties of breakfast foods and the importance of healthy eating. They make choices based on the properties of different foods in order to design and make a healthier alternative (healthy breakfast menu or porridge, or both) for particular story characters – the three bears!
Some activities can be linked to Literacy (Reading and Writing)

• Homework: record what you have each day for breakfast
• Pictures of different types of breakfast foods
• Vocabulary flash cards
• Food Pyramid
• Food clipart
• Food Pie Chart: to show how much you should eat from each food group everyday to stay healthy
• What is a healthy breakfast? Facts
• Is porridge good for you? Facts
• Writing sheet (for Literacy):

  1. Can you think of two healthy breakfast menus that the three bears might like to have in the morning?
  2. Story writing: Write a short paragraph about the bears tasting different types of foods for their breakfast instead of porridge! Did they like it?

Science Worksheets
• Food Pyramid: illustrate the different types of food for each food group
• Healthy Plate!: draw different foods that belong in each group
• Breakfast: what did you have for breakfast? use homework to identify foods belonging to food groups
• Breakfast / Graph: Complete a block graph to show what children have for breakfast in the class
• What is a healthy breakfast? Cut and paste activity – use pictures of different types of breakfast foods to identify those which are a healthy choice and those which are not so healthy
• Is porridge good for you? use word bank to complete facts about eating porridge (includes True or false)

DT worksheets:
• Porridge 5 Ways! carry out a tasting test and score each recipe
• Create a healthy breakfast: illustrate at least one product from each of the four food groups to create your own healthy breakfast
• Recipe sheet (blank template): Write your own recipe
• Create a healthy breakfast: Evaluate how well you made a healthy breakfast
• Bears Favourite Porridge! list ingredients and write a recipe (use word bank)
• Bears Favourite Porridge!: Evaluate own recipe and make suggestions
• End of unit assessment- Questionnaire: What do you know about having a healthy breakfast?

Useful Tip! Use the PDF doc with your IWB to work through the pages with your children :)
Note: The PowerPoint has been created with sounds – create a file and ensure that you save ALL PPP, sounds and fonts in the same file.

Hope that you like and find them useful.
If you have any useful comments or recommendations to make, please do not hesitate to do so. Thanks for looking :)

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