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Resources for busy teachers of Maths and PE. In most cases you can just download, print and teach! If you would like to purchase more than one product at a time and there is not a bundle for it email me for a custom bundle to get 15% off the total price at pickupandgoresources@gmail.com

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A set of task cards for 4 person balances and routines and a differentiated resource card students can use to copy the 4 person balances from. Easiest to hardest: Green, Yellow, Red, Purple

I would only suggest purple and red to those that are really competent gymnasts and have done some sports acro before - otherwise support would be required.

The task cards contain 16 tasks on 13 pages. The tasks take students through how to match, mirror and complement individual balances as well as creating their own interpretations independently. They also included tasks that use the group of 4 balances resource sheet:

  • Students select and practice
  • Find ways of getting into and out of the balances
  • Linking 2 group of 4 balances together
  • Developing their own 4 person balances by matching and mirroring pairs balances, trio balances, top positions or base positions given
  • Creating a short sequence

Please note what you see in the previews is everything included.

Recommendations for use for the A4 resource card:

  • Give each group a copy of the resource and they can self differentiate
  • Give each group a copy and give them a colour to try based on their ability
  • Ask students to pick a balance and change one of the positions to create a new balance and show the class
  • Get students to adapt the balances for apparatus

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Gymnastics individual, pair and group balances bundle

This bundle contains gymnastics balances for students to copy for individuals, pairs, trios, groups of 4s and groups of 5+. The individual balance product contains: * A4 black and white page with approx 45 balances on for students to copy * Differentiated by colour A4 page with approx 45 balances on (green - easy, yellow - medium, red- hard, purple -challenging * An A4 page where the balances are grouped by difficulty * An A4 page where the balances are grouped by height (good for compositional work with students to get them to see the different between heights) * An A4 activity/task card with 7 different tasks students can work through independently - culminating in them creating a short sequence of their own.(editable and pdf versions) The pairs, trios ands 4s balance products contain: * An A4 resource card with approximately 40 balances on for students to copy (green - easy, yellow - medium, red- hard, purple -challenging) * A set of task cards that will culminate in students creating their own sequence The 5+ balances contain: * 1 A4 page of pictures of balances for students to accurately replicate in their routines. Each product contains between 20- 40 gymnastics balances. * The counter tension and counter balance resources are one page per difficulty and type (6 pages) and a total of 22 balances. Differentiated by bronze (easiest), silver and gold. * The balance dice resource includes: -2 x Easy balances dice templates to print -2 x Medium balances dice templates print -2 x Hard balances dice templates print -1x Powerpoint file for the teacher to use to pick random links between balances. This includes a random links spinner, and an on screen prompt list for each type of link. What you see in the previews is what is included in the products. This bundle is a growing bundle - So there will be more products added to it in the future but the price will also go up in the future! If you purchase this product now you will be able to download all future updates for free! - please download the file named "Gym bundle all in one place", the extra products will be in there. If you are unable to do this, please email me at pickupandgoresources@gmail.com. Let me know your TES user name and the date you purchased the product and I will email you the update link (I will usually respond to emails within a couple of hours). Contained in this product currently (updated 9/9/19) : Individual balances Pair balances trio balances Group of 4 balances Group of 5+ balances Counter balance and counter tension pairs balances Individual balances stations Matching and mirroring task cards Matching and mirroring quiz quiz trade cards Roll a balance dice templates Next new product that will be added is Individual gymnastics lesson plans.


Gymnastics group balances for trios and 4s

This bundle contains gymnastics balances for 3s and 4s. Each product contains around 30-40 gymnastics balances that are differentiated by colour - easiest to hardest: Green, Yellow, Red , Purple. I would recommend only those with a sports acrobatics gymnastics background attempt the purple one without support. Please email me at pickupandgoresources@gmail.com if you would like a custom gymnastics balances product or bundle.




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