Guru Nanak, influence, significance, sikhism

Why is Guru Nanak seen as significant? This lesson is essentially a 'centres&' lesson - which means as the teacher you do less and the student does more! Create 6 stations - blow up the information sheets onto A3 and let the students have 2 minutes per station to answer the questions on the &';centres' work sheet. Students will then use this information to help them write a PEE response to an AFL question.


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    Good questioning. I would like to point out one thing though. In one file 'Guru Nanak starts Sikhism' there is a caption stating Nanak draws thoughts and ideas from Islam and Hinduism. That is incorrect. In Guru Nanak's history nowhere does he state or give evidence that His teachings are drawn from any religion. Sikhi is a way of life and the teachings are that of Guru Nanak and other 9 gurus alone. Refer to Basics of Sikhi, for further info.

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    Brilliant resources - thank you so much for posting!

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