easy to include strategies for teachers to help children develop particular behaviours, broadly based on Costa's Habits of Mind. So far, strategies posted for Metacognition, Managing Impulsivity, taking a Responsible Risk and Persistence (including thinking flexibly) jan 2012 - communication added april 2012 - curiosity added


  • RR Strategies.doc
  • MI Strategies summary.doc
  • Persistence Strategies.doc
  • Communication Strategies.docx
  • Curiosity Strategies.docx
  • Metacognition_Strategies.doc

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5 Reviews

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    Wordiness is beneficial since becomes comprehensive in coverage. Nice structure easy to follow. Lots to hang on to as a teacher - so a great crib sheet for the teacher. Requires tailoring for student use but that should be expected, that bespoke modification is a necessity for any resource posted in TES.

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    user avatarreidm4 years agoreport

    Very useful, thank you. Well laid out with some good practical examples.

  • 3
    user avatarwatermill5 years agoreport

    Thank you for this , great basis for rethinking some of this years sows and AFL

  • 4
    user avatarmshenery5 years agoreport

    Great- not that wordy just get past the font and layout. Wonderful suggestions to bring HOM alive. Thanks

  • 3
    user avatarthelma016 years agoreport

    Quite wordy but useful.

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