Hairy Maclary's one more or one less game

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A Board game based on the Haory Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy Book. Players start the game with 5 bones and add one more or take one away as they travell through the game. Other hazards/bonuses. Sassoon Infant font throughout. Board should be A3

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CreatedApr 1, 2007
UpdatedJan 9, 2014

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    user avatardohertyon2 years agoReport

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    user avatarelizbar_uk3 years agoReport

    Love this - familiar charcters for one more one less

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    fabulous idea! it could be adapted too to work starting from higher numbers! THANKS

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    What a great idea - we are really trying to embed mathematical language into our children at the moment so this really helps in gaining and understanding of 1 more or less. Thank you, can't wait to get going!

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    user avatarperks14 years agoReport

    Fab! Thank you very much!