Hate Speech Acts Crime Law Show PLUS Test & Flashcards ~ 97 Slides
This is a complete presentation on Hate Speech, Acts & Crime. It covers both the USA and abroad.

EXCERPT: Hate fosters more hate. It is an unending process. It never leads to peace. This presentation focuses on hate mongering around the world. It has become a dominant factor in the 21st century in the ruling of nations and waging of wars. It became a major issue in the 2016 Presidential election.

People live in daily dread of Terrorist acts, all of which are conceived in hate. Major law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, now devote most of their time to terrorism.

Legally there is considerable variation around the world on hate manifestations which break the law. As long as the hate is speech only, the United States grants the broadest rights to free speech even if the speech is hateful. This is because of the First Amendment to the Constitution. In other parts of the world, a person can be summarily executed for making speeches which anger persons in power, as in the Middle East, North Korea and China.

This presentation gives the student an introduction to hate and the law.

EXCERPT: Economics is the most likely causation of hate groups. Economic hardship causes frustration. People are inclined to take their frustration out on the vulnerable. Usually this means ethnic, sexual, and religious minorities. Making the situation considerably worse is if the newly disenfranchised see such minorities being given the advantages they were used to getting (Affirmative Action).

American people losing their class level because of economics shifting them downward is a major factor in the growth of hate and hate crimes.

EXCERPT: Fred Phelps, 1929 – 2014 was an American Baptist minister and disbarred attorney. Phelps founded in 1955 the fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church inTopeka, Kansas.

He was homophobic in the extreme. He and his followers disrupted funerals of gays, military veterans, and disaster victims.

The “church” is frequently denominated as the most rabid hate group in America.

Its signature slogan and website are: "God Hates Fags.”

Phelps’ family members continued his practices after his death. It is very difficult to limit their activities as they have Constitutional protections under the First Amendment. As long as they engage in hate speech only, they are protected.

Phelps basic belief: every tragedy in the world is linked to homosexuality—specifically society's increasing tolerance and acceptance of the “homosexual agenda.”
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