Health and medicine In Tudor Times

I taught a workshop on this to year groups 4/5. The powerpoint was the starter and the quiz the plenary. There were lots of hands-on activities with herbs and potions in between. I have added the plan so you can see the individual activities. Enjoy, it makes the classroom smell nice! PLEASE RATE.


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    piesy724 months agoReport

    A brilliant resources you've put so much effort into it- thank you

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    HannAshton4 months agoReport

    Its for homework... cant wait to try it
    Thank u

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    cathlooking5 months agoReport

    Looks great - I look forward to trying this out!

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    lizshimwell16 months agoReport

    Excellent thank you so much for sharing.

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    np119a year agoReport

    Brilliant - thank you so much for this.