After a great demand KS4 HRF: KS3 could do the Cardiovascular section. Based in a fitness suite, initially pupils will go through an induction to Cardiovascular training within the Fitness suite (Sessions 1, 2, 3). This will progress to a second induction phase focusing on the use of resistance equipment (Sessions 4, 5, 6). Ideally pupils would have the choice then in further sessions to develop their fitness goals i.e. programs based around CV training, Resistance Training, or X-Training. Sessions should emphasize equipment familiarisation, enjoyment and safety.


  • KS4HRF_Lesson_Plan1.doc
  • KS4HRF_Lesson_Plan4.doc
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  • Approaches_to_Cv_Training.doc
  • Muscular_Strength_and_Muscular_Endurance.doc
  • Counting_Heart_rates.doc
  • KS4_Recording_sheet_Cv.doc
  • KS4_Recording_sheet_Resistance.doc
  • Unit_Framework_of_Lessons.doc

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