Healthy Eating Quiz

Multiple Choice quiz, looking a the main aspects of a nutritionally balanced diet, and intended for use at the end of the unit/topic to review what has been learned. The previous lesson would have involved a giant 'plate' (round tablecloth) divided into the main food groups, and lots of different foods (empty packets of cereals, rice,pulses,biscuits, cans of soup, peas, yoghurt pot, cheese, etc). Pupils work in small groups and place the foods onto the appropriate section of the 'balanced diet plate'. Other groups have the opportunity to move foods at the end of each round. Lots of discussion is generated!! The quiz is a good reminder of the key points of the topic and pupils tend to score well, giving the opportunity of raising pupil self-esteem. Each of the learning styles is catered to also- visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.


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    Sirojaa year agoReport

    Thank you for sharing again saved me alot of time

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    Katie3623 years agoReport

    Very good resource with different styles of question and ranging abilities. However one slight criticism is that it could be slightly more interesting in terms of colour, pictures etc.

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    rosfemme4 years agoReport

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It's saved me a lot of time.

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    josephmate4 years agoReport

    This was the perfect way to introduce this topic and it also helped students to think creatively about the key issues for their PSD assigment. The presentation also helped with the generation of ideas for an art poster on Healthy lifestyles.

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    annsp5 years agoReport

    Excellent. I will use this as a starter for one of my food lessons and will probably link it with Year 8 Healthy Eating in PSHCE

May 6, 2008
Feb 3, 2015

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