HIGHER MUSIC - Musical Literacy (Listening Paper)

Worksheets used in class in preparation for Literacy Questions in the Scottish Higher Listening Paper. Please note the excerpts tend to be longer than found in the actual paper - my pupils preferred this as they found the actual questions in the paper to be easier. Also note I put in more Key Signatures than are required at Higher Level as I was teaching a multi-level class Higher and Advanced Higher. I found it easier and more sensible to teach all the key signatures at the one time. Hope these are maybe of some use.


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  • lizcawooda year agoReport

    Fabulous - I'll use it for my theory class! Thank you so much.

  • kawyndowa year agoReport

  • juliev132 years agoReport

    Brilliant resource for learning and revision. Many thanks for sharing. :)

  • Outstanding. Just what I needed. Thanks for your hard work. Looks great and reads well.

  • Sheepy774 years agoReport

    Great! Very useful for those who think they know about theory when they don't!